Toyota Hilux

This was a "Rat-Rod" 1994 Toyota Hilux Pick up truck.

A complete nut and bolt strip down of engine, transmission and chassis along with all running gear. Parts being renewed and customised to customers requirements.


Ford Escort

This is a genuine 1973 mk1 Ford Escort Mexico, that a customer restored themselves. This involved a complete overhual of every section of the car, we were entrusted to overhaul the gearbox and rear differential.

The standard of the finished vehicle is much higher than when these cars were produced.

Renault Caravelle 1.jpg
Renault Caravelle.jpg
Mercedes MB Trac 1000 Gearbox

This is a Agricultural Gearbox from the 80's, which was brought into us completly stripped down with parts missing. It has 2 input shafts, 2 clutchs, a front and rear P.T.O drive, high and low range, with 4 reverse and 4 forward gears. it also has selective 4/2 wheel drive. Due to the size and weight, we had to move it around our workshop with a forklift. Along with the problems of handling this gearbox, some parts were no longer available which we had to have specially made. 

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