Maintenance is usually over looked these days due to busy schedules, but with regular servicing you could prolong the life and reliability of your vehicle. We always use genuine parts and oil on our services, this gives us and the customer piece of mind, along with not voiding any warranty you may have .



Using an automatic to tow a caravan, trailer or boat is the quickest way to damage your automatic gearbox.


With an oil cooler, you can keep the oil that is crucial to the smooth running of your gearbox in good condition, the better your car will drive and tow.


Most automatic vehicles are factory fitted with an internally built oil cooler inside of the radiator.


Fitting an additional after-market oil cooler is one of the most cost efficient ways to prolong the life of your automatic gearbox, along with regular servicing.






Over time, the oil inside your automatic gearbox is subjected to extreme temperatures and starts to break down, along with collecting contaminates from the clutch packs which will block up filters and oilways.


To keep your automatic gearbox working in top condition it is recommended that the oil is changed every 40,000 miles.


We only use genuine oil and parts, this inturn will not void any warranty you may have on your vehicle, also it is keeping to the manufacturers specifications.


Quotations: Please note that if any problems are found whilst fitting they will be reported to you and we will need your permission to continue with the work. The quotation is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the quote.

Reconditioned units which have been fitted by the Clutch and Gearbox Centre carry a 12 month/12000-mile warranty. Recovery will not be covered by any warranty given. MILEAGE MUST BE GIVEN TO THE CLUTCH AND GEARBOX CENTRE TO MAKE THE WARRANTY VALID

Only genuine oil must be used or the warranty will be invalid.

Please ensure drain bungs and filler bungs are tight after gearbox fitting.